Dedicated to design and build You the best bass ever!

Mattissonbass can offer you basses that truly has their own souls. A perfect blend between traditional lutherie and deep insight in the modern players need!

Anders Mattisson built his first bass in the late 80’s and has ever since continued to develop ideas about the construction, wood, electronics, to make every bass the ultimate for its purpose. ”It feels like coming home” a customer once said after playing a mattissonbass. So why be homeless when you can own a mattissonbass?


What actually defines the Series, or model number is the shape of the body. The headstock shape is the same on every model as standard. Since we do custom basses, sometimes an order becomes a mix of everything.

Sometimes the bass calls for a light weight one-piece body, with absolutely no glue lines, and sometimes the requested tone needs a combination of woods.


Our Neck Through models come in two variations. Standard or hidden. On standard, you see the neck go all the way (from the front). On the hidden, it looks as if the neck goes only to the pickup.

Nowadays, we make every neck through with a Timber block. The Bolt on necks are asymmetrically attached with 5 to 7 special made screws.


TT for True Temperament frets is an option we offer. It’s an invention by Anders Thidell. We will eventually write a deeper explanation of how it works, but briefly, see it this way.

It´s the best way to solve the problem of playing all scales and chords in tune with a keyboard. It solves a 300 year old problem.


You can discuss advantages and disadvantages of bolt on versus neck through, different woods, different finishes etc. for ever. That is why we build all different models. It always comes down to personal preferences and how you play. The only things we don’t do are the bad ideas ☺

Have a look at some of the wood species we use.

Read more about the Wood