The Series I is our “basic” model. Body shape similar to our Series II but with a rounder lower horn, to match the bolt on neck that has 21 frets and straight headstock. (no angle). Just like its sister model, the Series III, it can be ordered with 24 frets and angled headstock.

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The model that actually started it all when we decided to go business with our bass building in 1999. Even though it’s quite simple in its layout, it took a lot of time and R&D to make every measure and every curve the way we wanted it to look and most importantly to feel in your hands and towards your body for maximum playability and endurance.

Neck has 24 or 26 frets and angled headstock as standard. Almost as common is the Series IIc. That is the Series II with Neck Through construction.

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Also called the Fullerton, the Series III is our take on the traditional Fender© jazz bass. In its standard form it is actually the same bass as the Series I, but with the 50+ year old body shape that everybody knows. It can also be ordered with 24 frets and / or angled headstock.

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A bass is a bass guitar, right!? In other words, a single cut bass guitar is in a way the original design for a bass.

It’s like a classical guitar design, that has been around for hundreds of years, where you just make a deeper cutaway on the treble side to be able to reach the upper frets without changing fingering tecnique in your left hand. Also on the upright bass, derived from the Viola da gamba, you have the body meet the neck around where the 9:th fret would be. But there you have to change technique to thumb position. Our Series IV has 4 different cutaways: Normal, Extra, Extreme and Laidback. Pictured here are only Laidbacks.

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Super player Henrik Linder from the group Dirty Loops has been playing Mattissonbasses exclusively for more than three years. After having several different models he finally decided he wanted the Series IV as his signature model.

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Download the price list here! It also contains some additional information.

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