The model that actually started it all when we decided to go business with our bass building in 1999.

Even though it’s quite simple in its layout, it took a lot of time and R&D to make every measure and every curve the way we wanted it to look and most importantly to feel in your hands and towards your body for maximum playability and endurance. Neck has 24 or 26 frets and angled headstock as standard. Almost as common is the Series IIc. That is the Series II with Neck Through construction. (Bass pictured: 7400$).


Here you see the Extra alternative hanging with flush mount straplock. This enables you to let the bass hang on your body either as a Fender, but with no neck dive, or more like an Alembic with easier access to the upper frets.


The Zero fret as we do it, with some distance between the fret and the nut, gives you 3 advantages. You don´t have to adjust the height of the slots in the nut. You get the same kind of tone on open string as on fretted. And because of the distance, you can bend the string easier even on the 1:st fret.

The medal on the back strengthens the headstock / neck junction, gives a place to engrave but mainly, we like the way it looks.


A Series II Fatboy with Pear top
(As pictured 6400$).

(Fatboy is referring to the thickness of the body, applicable to all models see price list).


On this Series II with an Ash body / Myrtle top you see the “B-string 35° through body” option.


7-string Series II (bolt on) with True Temperament frets. (Bass pictured: 7750$)

Download the price list here! It also contains some additional information.

Download price list (PDF)