A bass is a bass guitar, right!? In other words, a single cut bass guitar is in a way the original design for a bass.

It’s like a classical guitar design, that has been around for hundreds of years, where you just make a deeper cutaway on the treble side to be able to reach the upper frets without changing fingering tecnique in your left hand. Also on the upright bass, derived from the Viola da gamba, you have the body meet the neck around where the 9:th fret would be. But there you have to change technique to thumb position. Our Series IV has 4 different cutaways: Normal, Extra, Extreme and Laidback. Pictured here are only Laidbacks.


The way we shape the junction between neck and body together with the stability and tone transfer the single cut designs gives, provides for extreme playing happiness!


As an option we offer the 32/36 design. The bass is tuned one whole step down from standard tuning at open string (36” scale). Put a capo on the 2:nd fret and you have the standard tuning (32” scale). The first dot is placed on the 5:th fret to make your eyes feel at home (get it?)

A bump is made at the back of the neck at 2:nd fret for familiar left hand feel at standard tuning, and easy capo placement. (Bass pictured: 8800$).


Even though our basses are never neck heavy, to reduce weight even more, we can install guitar tuners on the lighter strings. We often use Hipshot Bass extenders on B-strings to reach the low A. On the 32/36 option you then reach down to low (sub contra) G.

Download the price list here! It also contains some additional information.

Download price list (PDF)